Prayer & Worship

January & February are marked in the annual Alpha calendar as a time to specifically engage in praying for our community and local Alpha Courses. This is a great opportunity to join with other churches and organisations in your area in prayer and worship.

Prayer and Alpha

Here are some ideas gathered from across the world and from their experiences at HTB whilst praying for Alpha. If you have any prayer ideas that you have used on an Alpha Course, we would love to hear about it and share with others.

Praying for Alpha Course guests

Hosts and helpers who facilitate the group discussions are also responsible for praying regularly for the guests in their group. They are best positioned to pray for the guests in their groups because they come to know them. There are at least four ways this can be done:

Daily – Encourage hosts and helpers to pray daily for the members of their group by name in their own personal devotional time. They may find it helpful to keep a list and make a few notes of anything the Lord shows them.

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Train Your Team

Training your team before every Alpha Course will give each team member the confidence to host an engaging group discussion and make every guest feel welcome and eager to come back the following week.

Great teams don't just train once. They train before every course to refresh their memory, get to know others on the team and pray together.

Four ways to train your team

  • Purchase the training DVDs and run your own training
  • Coordinate with other churches to run joint-training
  • Join or run a local Alpha training
  • Attend the annual Alpha Conference local to you.

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Promote Your Course

How can you get the word out about your Alpha Course? After advertising to your congregation, how can you reach people you don't already know?

Here are some ideas to try:

  • Put up banners and posters (use the Share Alpha App)
  • Create invites for your congregation members to give out to their friends
  • Update the homepage of your website with an Alpha Course advert
  • Set up a Facebook event for everyone to invite their friends online
  • Regularly Tweet news of when your course is starting

Tip: Make sure the date, time, place and contact information are clear on all your communication.

Join the National Advertising Campaign

Every year, countries create national advertising campaigns to raise awareness of the course, making it easier for people to invite their friends. Use the publicity provided to tie in with the campaign so people can instantly recognise your course.

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Five Ways to Give An Alpha Talk

Depending on your resources and audience, the delivery of the Alpha Course talks can range from using your own speaker to streaming talks via the Internet.

The Alpha Course DVD

This DVD set contains the 15 talks comprising the Alpha Course. It is available to buy at the Alpha Shop.

Talk Transcripts

The Alpha talk transcripts help speakers who want to give a live talk. The transcripts include markers where speakers may insert their own stories, quotes and personal testimonies.

Student Alpha

Student Alpha is the same as the Alpha Course ... it’s just been ‘squeezed’ (into seven weeks), ‘squashed’ (into thirty-minute talks) and ‘spiced’ (with multi-media ingredients). It has everything you need to run a course, including the talks, training, vox-pops and animations. Get the DVD or talks online (register to get sent the links).

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